Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects
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a+u 04:05 040 : Feature: Toyo Ito / Under Construction
Pages 148
Publisher a+u Publishing
Date of Publication 2004
Language Japanese / English
Overview of the post-Sendai discourses within the firm by exemplifying "Matsumoto Performing Arts Centre", "Island City Central Park GRIN GRIN", "Relaxation Park in Torrevieja", "Gavia Park in Madrid" and "TOD'S Omotesando Building" as catalysts.
Interview with Toyo Ito: "In Pursuit of an Invisible Image" Interviewer: Kumiko Inui, Conversation: Cecil Balmond and Toyo Ito "Concerning Fluid Space", One Crazy Week – Tailing Toyo Ito through Europe – Hera Van Sande, Conversation: Francisco Rubio, Makiko Ishikawa and Toyo Ito "The Making of a Place: A New Park Proposal for the 21st Century – Following the Parque de la Gavia Project"